We Tell Your how-to guide for safe sex

We Tell Your how-to guide for safe sex

Planning on sex? Ensure it is safe through getting your STI prevention practices and contraception sorted, knowing about permission and health that is sexual, and achieving ‘the talk’ together with your intimate partner.

This assists if:

  • you are planning to possess sex
  • you need to understand what safe sex is
  • you intend to practise safe intercourse.

1. Understand what safe sex is

Safe sex is any intimate contact you’ve got while protecting your self along with your partner from intimately sent infections (STIs) and pregnancy that is unplanned. While there’s no solution to guarantee that sex is going to be 100 percent safe, you can find things to do to allow it to be safer. Begin by speaking together with your partner and checking which you both wish to have sex during those times.

2. Have actually ‘the talk’

It’s very important to be sure before you have sex that you and your sexual partner are on the same page. Speaing frankly about sex can feel completely embarrassing, however it shall assist to make certain that the intercourse you’ve got is safe and respectful. It’s a good clear idea to have talk before things have hot and hefty, when it are going to be better to remain level-headed. Items to speak about include you want to do in the bedroom, and STI prevention methods and contraception whether you’re ready to have sex, what. Enquire about the person’s intimate wellness (i.e. Whether they’ve had a sexual health check recently if they have any STIs), and. Keep in mind that their responses don’t mean that you don’t need certainly to make use of security. Additionally talk beforehand about making use of condoms and/or dams, and reveal who can get them or have them free of charge from the household preparation solution or Condom Credit Card (CCCard) registered provider. Read more